Frequently Asked Questions


Updated 03/2017


Why pay when I can find stuff for free?

The service you are paying for is the painstaking and time saving service of complete lessons including customizable lesson plans, the collection, organization and presentation of both proprietary materials and freely available materials that we host on a site and is available to you 24/7 anywhere in the world with an internet connection at a moment's notice. We have created a large amount of proprietary study, practice and assessment material as well as pulled from free resources available online to bring to a variety of rigorous and relevant material to use in your classroom lessons.

Our proprietary material is generally stamped with our logo and is created with our signature orange and purple color scheme. Materials that we collected online look different and both have great components to use in your lesson instruction.

We check all proprietary lesson material for accuracy, correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, etc. If we've missed something, please let us know by contacting us with details - you work hard and deserve to have ready to go, error-free lessons at your fingertips!


What is the MSELA PLC?

The Middle School English Language Arts Professional Learning Community will, in the near future, provide hours of continuing education on English and teaching related subjects. At the completion of the course you will receive a notification that you may present to your employer as proof of your commitment to the practice of education.


What formats are used in the lesson materials?

The lessons are available for display directly from the website as embedded Google documents. You may also download all of the documents  as an ODT format which will allow you to open them in Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Open Office and Office Libre to edit, print and/or save as needed. Please be aware that downloaded documents will not reflect any updates made by MSELA (including our annual update).


Is all of the material proprietary to

No. Our proprietary lesson material has our logo and is usually created with our signature orange and purple color scheme. Other materials pulled from the internet are not claimed to be our work in any way. They are the work of their original author and all credit goes towards their efforts. We simply collected it and created a plan for it.


Am I locked into a contract?

No. Memberships are either month to month or year to year, depending on your chosen membership plan, with the option to discontinue at the break between periods. Due to the nature of digital media, refunds, even in part, are not available.


What new materials and methods are coming soon to MSELA?

We are rolling out our lesson material in 4 phases (at least that is the current plan):

Phase 1: MSELA Element lessons covering all of the elements addressed in a middle school English classroom. These lesson alone will be enough to cover the entire year (given interruptions for assemblies, testing and holidays)

Phase 2: MSELA Standards lesson based on CCSS & State specific standards (some may overlap with element lessons)

Phase 3: Lessons by grade - we will plan lessons specifically for grades 6, 7 & 8 so they scaffold on the previous year's lesson covering the specific element or standard. There will be more depth covered using more challenging text with each year.

Phase 4: One to one lessons that use GForms and Flubaroo to assist in assessments for each lesson on the site.


I'd like to share my ideas with others - can I receive credit for my shared work?

During or after Phase 4, we will be introducing a lesson share area where you will be able to upload your lesson for others on the site to use. You will absolutely receive credit for this and we're discussing a compensation plan as well.


Will there be new materials added after I sign up?

Yes. We will continually be adding lesson material with current event / relevant stories to engage your learners with questions for them to think, reflect, and answer based on your teaching.


Can I use a school purchase order to pay for my membership?

Yes. We will be rolling out a PO option in the near future. If you do not see that option but are interested, please contact us to get started.


I am using Firefox as my browser and the embedded Google Docs are not there. How do I fix this?

Open a new tab and go to Sign in with your Google account, return to this tab, refresh the page and try again. The embedded Google Doc should appear.





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